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27, female, Single

Moscow, United States

Hello handsome how are you today i am Mary Rose by name and 30 years old was born in Brazil and rise in Ghana and my mother is a Brazilian and my father is Ghanaian and also single and with no kids and live with my parent and two brothers and looking for a a serious relationship with a man who is honest and faithful and a truthful man who can be so caring man and so loving and that will never cheat me in any way and if you are interested

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64, male, Widowed

Walnut, United States

Kind of hard to talk about oneself..its like the hardest task you can give to someone who is use to talking about i am free spirit and at my age i can say i have seen very many parts of the world which have help me come to a grasp of how the world works.sometimes all we need is just to constantly and zealously pursue only the things that makes us happy,which is why i am here..I am pretty adventurous.I could be lay back at first but when i get to know and build a connection i tend to shine.I like a relationship built on sincerity honesty and trust.I believe this are the integral part of a relationship and when we have this every other thing can come..Okay now you can ask me more if you want to know me..i am just a click away..i am waiting

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31, male, Single

Rio das Ostras, Brazil

My Name is Gabriel, 23 years old.I love chocolate, pizza, japanese food. I watch series and movies. I'm Brazilian and I live in Rio de Janeiro. I'm romantic, I write poems, I love giving flowers.I can't live without music and I love to dance.My favorites singers and bands are, John Mayer, Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Parachute, Emarosa, A Rocket to The Moon, Jonny Craig, Paramore, Bruno Mars.I have a daughter, she is 3 years old and his name is Sophie. She is the love of my life, my little princess. I hate lies, be honest. Life is made of joy. :)

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41, male, Single

Boston, United Kingdom

My name is Miguel, 35, i come from Portugal, but, living in uk, in a town called Boston, Lincolnshire, i work for a local hospital as an housekeeper, i like what i do, at least, it keeps me going until i find something else.I think that, what one does, shouldn't be an hindrance in the pursuit of love, because, what defines a person is not what he does, but, the true essence oF Being human.If you are an honest person, looking for true love, then, you will have my love and my consideration, if youre looking for someone with a stable life, with a masters degree and so forth, then, iam not the person you're after, iam just being honest, because, a world can be constructed with the help of both.Currently living with my mother maria, she is 53, my brother william who is 13, and my mothers partner fernando who is 52, they are a good bunch, at times, we do not get along, due to personality differences and so forth.It is a very complicated family in many ways, iam complex as well, so, iam not perfect in anyway, like, ive had many opportunities when i was younger but, instead, i was just wondering around, wasting time, you know, i wish i could go back in time and change many things, sometimes, i think that, my decisions in the past have made me what iam today, but, i still have a lot to learn, and believe me, i much prefer starting from the bottom than, going high up.i also have 3 other brothers, valter 36 married and has 2 daughters named eva 12 and lara 8, marcelo 32 married with a brazilian woman has a son called michael 7 years of age, they are getting divorced due to differences, my brother marcelo still likes her, but, she doesnt want anything to do with him anymore, well, i guess, that is life, iam sure they will come to a decision soon for the benifit of their child, michael.

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39, male, Single

Cardiff Gate Business Park, United Kingdom

Well, after years of not really pursuing any hobbies, I have recently taken up two fairly arduous past times; rock climbing/bouldering and Brazilian juijitsu! As is the way with me, feast or famming. I would like to meet a lady to settle down with at some point! I keep thinking "no rush" but time and tide wait for no-one!

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