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Campinal, Brazil

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Formosa, Brazil

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44, female, Separated

Budapest, Hungary

Singer of a band Genuine Latin Groove (GLG) - playing Brazilian and latin cover songs. My band is quite new, but very enthusiastic, we are planning to make tours around Europe with our selected songs, which are very well accepted in Hungary till now.I am modeling and acting in movies or commercials.I worked in multinational companies, my last job was in training industry, leading about 20 markets/countries.About 2 year ago I left my well-paying job, I got separated and I live with my 4 year old, still trying to find the ways to survive in these new professions by learning, taking courses and trying to get jobs abroad as well.However music, singing is my biggest passion.I love to travel, but currently I cannot afford it.I dance Samba and I would like to learn to dance Kizomba as well.I love the ways Brazilians are flirting, they trigger me as they are brave to approach a women, however I do not like their way of not being able to connect fully with a person.As this is about dating, I try to explain what I am looking for.I was married, it is not the point to marry me.I am looking for a nice musician who is soft with me, loves to love me, hug me, sing with me, create something together, someone who will teach me not to be afraid to open up fully to my feelings, but also to be able to share his own feelings with me.I can give confusing signals when I am approached, I get confused, and believe it or not, I am shy, while I am very talkative, friendly, have bunch of different friends.

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57, male, Divorced

Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil

A brazilian guy trying to find a soulmate from Iceland

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27, female, Single

Moscow, United States

Hello handsome how are you today i am Mary Rose by name and 30 years old was born in Brazil and rise in Ghana and my mother is a Brazilian

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42, male, Single

Jntu Kukat Pally, India

Clear headed Indian single man ready to try different things.

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31, female, Single

South Bend, United States

Short. Loud. Leo. Brazilian & Italian. Spontaneous. Daring. Fun-loving. Getting my Masters in Social Work with a concentration in military families :) Blackhawks & Bears fan. I dont drink, so lets go get food & talk about random things.

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